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Post Root Canal Treatment Information

Thank you for choosing Core Endodontics for your Root Canal Treatment, we appreciate your trusting us with your smile.


Permanent Restoration

Now that your root canal treatment has been completed, you must make an appointment with your dentist to have the temporary filling replaced or a crown placed on the tooth (your dentist will help you decide which is best for you).  Please call your dentist office within 2 weeks to make this appointment.  Until this has been completed you should consider your treated tooth more fragile and take extra care.


Caring for your tooth post root canal

  1. Please avoid eating or drinking anything hot while your mouth is still anesthetized (frozen) to avoid burning yourself

  2. Please avoid chewing gum, hard food (ice), and putting pressure or chewing on the tooth that was treated until you have seen your regular dentist for a permanent restoration (to reduce the chance of breaking the tooth)

  3. It is common to experience discomfort and swelling (if your tooth had an infection) for 7-10 days, we recommend you take ibuprofen or naproxen which can both be purchased over the counter (unless your physician has told you not to take anti-inflammatory medication).  The nature of pain varies in severity but tapers as times goes by, if your pain is increasing please call our office

  4. Rinsing with warm salt water 3 times a day may help reduce pain and swelling

  5. Please brush and floss your teeth normally


If your bite feels uneven, you have persistent/severe pain or swelling, or you have any other questions or concerns please call our office 705.214.9646.

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